Picture taken by Luise Illigen, Berlin

Picture taken by Luise Illigen, Berlin

Civil society actor working for nuclear disarmament through dialogue and reconciliation. Currently focused on peace processes in Israel/Palestine and the Middle East. 

Hear the truth, whoever speaks it.
— W.M. Blumenthal Academie, Berlin 2018

Living in Berlin, Germany.

Holding a Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Bern, Switzerland.  

Born on 7. August 1978 in Graefelfing, Germany. 

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Step up for unity

This is a story we are writing together. The story of peace in the world.
— Dominikus Vogl

Managing massive transformation

It is time for unity. We do not have time to wait anymore. It is time to manage a massive process of global transformation. We can do it with all our energy and skills. We can share our hands, our words and our hearts to create an unprecedented dynamic of change. United in diversity through understanding. We are strong enough, as one human nation, to master an intense period of transformation towards peace, justice and sustainability. Our world, today.

United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 2018.

United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 2018.

We are truthful, honest, respectful and able to listen. We are able to master a time of focussed communication and dialogue. Speaking a language of peace and consensus, we will master separation. It is time to gather for all of us. For all of us. It is time to step up, as one human nation.

It is our responsibility 

  • Walk together from the oldest to the youngest, women and men, across all nations and cultures, today.

  • Enable the next generation to find answers for problems of their time.

  • Solve problems of our time.

  • We all together, today.

Vienna, Austria, 2017.

Vienna, Austria, 2017.

I share God's wish of peace, justice and sustainability in our world. We seek unity. I believe in our creativity, discipline and the ability in us to manage answers for demanding questions of our time. We are wise people. Our wisdom is our deep source of trust. We all together. 

Orchestrating trust

I want to serve the world to see trustful dialogues between people.

Serving is:

  • to listen to you, to your family, to your friend, to your neighbor;

  • to encounter with you as decision maker and leader in an honest exchange;

  • to seek consensus and unity for demanding questions of our time;

  • to see unity, in order to live in a world without nuclear weapons, enemy states, and wars;

  • to transform institutions to manage peace, justice, and sustainability.

United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 2018.

United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 2018.

Orchestrating our transformation takes a long breath for all of us and follows constant steps of forgiveness, faith, honesty, health, and awareness.

Nothing is possible without men; nothing is lasting without institutions.
— Jean Monnet, 1888-1979