Calling for unity, uniting for action. ActionForum RevCon2020.

Our efforts are designed to create a spirit of unity. We meet in the spirit of trust and unity. We come together to combine all our information and moral efforts to overcome the concept of nuclear deterrence.

We come together to become a moral authority that can create the will to come to decisions. This power does not yet exist in our times. We use communication — gathering all information — to prepare for a collective action in the spirit of all.


We follow a method to change our patterns of thinking, transforming the sources of our distrust and enmity. We foster the spirit of a collective unity and shared human organism. Jean Monnet used this method to build the European Union. Planet Health, the health of our Mother Earth, is in utmost danger. Nuclear risk is not the most demanding threat for humanity. Health of our planet threatens human existence. Overcoming nuclear deterrence, transforming the risk of nuclear deterrence, will help us to develop institutions and collective mechanisms able to govern future risks.  


Our ActionForum is a place where we build trust and friendship in the spirit of global responsibility. With love the spirit of unity can gain the strength to open walls and doors in our minds and hearts. We allow divine light to join our meetings.

We build a spirit of unity to bring closer nations in freedom to become one human society. We follow our shared will to overcome our violent path to end enmity and distrust among nations.

We meet monthly till May 2020 to act in our shared responsibility to contribute to the great efforts of humanity to establish world peace.


Read my thoughts and motivation for our ActionForum: 2019-02-25-ActionForum_Concept.


Document with letters written to inform leaders and governments about our action forum: 2019-03-03-ActionForum_Letters.

The principle is to be transparent and honest about our work.

Background information:

The NPT (Treaty of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons), the most powerful treaty for nuclear non-proliferation, will be under review in New York in May 2020. The next review cycle will be in 2025 again. In order to use the available time till May 2020 I suggest to establish a condensed dialog in Berlin that is able to build trust among nuclear arms states and prepare for concrete action at the NPT Review Conference (RevCon) 2020. In 2015 the review conference ended without a final document, indicating distrust among leaders. Possible steps to build trust are: a) North Korea joins the NPT again, verifying its nuclear program, b) Israel joins the NPT verifying its nuclear program, creating a zone free of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, c) Pakistan and India join the NPT with the shared will to disarm their nuclear arsenals.

If you want to think of Noah’s arch, as a place to gather wisdom and honesty feel inspired by this mosaic from Jerusalem:

Jerusalem, Israel, 2017. Building a house of trust.

Jerusalem, Israel, 2017. Building a house of trust.

Let’s get together in Berlin and talk about transforming nuclear risks.