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Article: The NPT. Will is missing, consensus is lacking. (Der Nichtverbreitungsvertrag: Fehlender Wille – Mangelhafter Konsens) FreiRaum Im Blick, vol 2, p. 2-3 (2017).

Dissertation: The sound of risk and the art of change (2017)

Scientific Poster: Fukushima effect on environmental attitudes (2014)

Scientific Article: Time Preferences and Environmental Concern International Journal of Sociology, 43:4, 39-62 (co-author, 2013)

Script: Introduction into regression analysis (draft-version, in German, 2013)  

E-Book: Ambiguity as a Challenge (in German: Uneindeutigkeit als Herausforderung). Edited book on a research project on ambiguity, risk analysis, big data. Publisher Bundeswehr University Munich (2011)

Script: Bayesian Statistics (in German, 2009)

Edited manuscript: 50th Anniversary Institute of Sociology, University Bern (in German, 2012)