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Podiumsdiskussion Thursday, 20. September 2018 in Berlin The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy - The Germany Launch

Thursday, 20. September 2018, 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Join the Germany Launch of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy!

On September 20th, in the heart of Berlin and together with national and international diplomats, German MPs, activists, and renowned scholars, for the first time the German chapter of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP) will present itself to the Berlin audience and we will dive into deep conversations on "Feminist Foreign Policy - Between Disarmament, Diplomacy, and Decolonisation".

About CFFP:
The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP) is a research and advocacy organisation promoting a feminist approach to foreign policy. With its vision to challenge the status quo of foreign policy, the CFFP puts people instead of special interests at the core of policy initiatives. Our vision is to see a feminist foreign policy adopted globally. We promote this approach by combining academic research, advocacy and community work, and showcasing government's successes in the area. We are the world’s first organisation focusing on feminist foreign policy - and the timing could not be any better given both disastrous foreign policy decisions around the world and an ever stronger feminist movement. Our work is based on three core values: intersectionality, integrity and collaboration.