Join for responsibility

Hear the truth, whoever speaks it


In our world there is enough wisdom, knowledge, will, technology and economic power to create a world in peace, justice and sustainability. This is a hypothesis to be proven wrong till 2030. The art of change is to facilitate and to create communication processes that orchestrates change. Through communication we create the trust within all aspects of social life and its interactions to contribute as individuals, families, communities and societies to changes within the political, social, cultural and economic fields. The truth we seek and listen to is in us. 

Baltimore, August 2016

Baltimore, August 2016

Be the change you wish to see

In our world we can choose to work on questions, humanity has not yet found answers for. The spirit of innovation is in us. We are also able to follow a wish, the sound of our heart,  to define a process leading to a solution. As individuals we are integrated in certain social processes, within these contexts we are able to create change, to take responsibility for what we do and how we do it. Together with other people, we can establish institutional responsibility to pass the best practices on to the next generation.

  • What is your wish? 
  • In what field you seek masterhood?
  • Are you curious to take responsibility? 
  • How do you want to see your life as a contribution to a global transformation towards a peaceful, just and sustainable world? 

Be the voice you want to hear.

By working together we can ask us three questions:



  1. What can I do?

  2. What can you do? 

  3. What can we do together?  


The campaign global responsibility is a platform and a network of individuals who contribute with their deeds, words and thoughts for a world in peace, justice and sustainability. Each individual acts at different fields and within different social contexts. Together we can learn from each other, build trust and encourage us to prepare for steps guiding us to the future.  Only together we can see the changes happening we want to see. This thought is combining our will, bring out honesty and trust, and fosters our dignity. 


Don't invent the wheel again, make it spin. 

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework and a cluster of fields, the world community should achieve till 2030. The 17 goals comprise social, environmental and economic issues. If you work for a business company, consider in your work life how your business is contributing to a fair and transparent production of good or services reducing, for example, inequality (goal 10) and poverty (goal 1). Who has gained knowledge of how to take care of life below water (goal 14) or of how to provide health and medical care for people (goal 3). Are you knowledgable about clean energy (goal 7)? Do you want to work in the field of disarmament or peaceful conflict resolution (goal 16); or are you good in networking between partners of different fields (goal 17)? Get involved in a process of global transformation. A change our earth wants to see. We can make it happening. 


Trust -- do what you are good at.

Vienna, May 2017 

Vienna, May 2017 

Become a master of your wishes. Be an honest human being. Be honest. Trust yourself and follow your interests. Be loyal to your wishes. Empower yourself by feeling welcomed in a community of people, who are engaged, interested and willing to take a risk to make impossible things happening. Together we take care of all the relevant changes. We are creating a world for our children. We do it every day. If we do it together we can make the changes become reality we -- I think -- need to see very soon.