Earth Element

Our planet

Have we said good morning to our Mother? Did we get up, ready to work, ready to do our expected expectations? Did we say good morning?

Good morning.

The place we sleep, the place we walk

Our Mother awakes within us. She gives us the ground to walk on, the place to sleep. Is our home a place of peace?

Big Sur, USA, 2012.

Big Sur, USA, 2012.

What if we ignore our needs and extend them to the point where we forget who we are? Do our expectation match also who we feel we are? Not everything we expect to be is needed. On the other hand, a lot is needed to be done. We cannot blame us nor the mother, nor our child. Whom to blame?

Do you also observe your mind? Do you observe how we judge each other and when? Do you see how we are looking intuitively for someone to blame or someone to like?

What if there is a world without actually reason to blame someone? Is this fair?

Whom to blame?

My advise — blame God. His heart is the softest in the universe and since He is the center — blame Him. Send it with light speed and be aware of His answers.

Where we meet

God understands that we sometimes only have certain ways to communicate. He doesn’t care about our intention. He listens to our heart. Directly. If we shout, if we cry, if we smile if we talk, if we blame or shame or love or trust — He can hear us. And He understands that deep in our heart we only speak in our own song — connected directly to our shared song.

Send it out with light speed and don’t worry. All He asks is to learn. All He is doing is learning. Don’t wait, His answers are already waiting for us, as if He knows what we are saying. Of course, He is walking next to us. He is on Earth. He is with our Mother. Would be a wonderful love story, if that is possible on Earth. I don’t know.

One thought about language. Anger is anger and comes with a sound of anger. Love is love and comes with a sound of love. Joy is joy and also comes with a sound of joy. The quality and the source of the information is the same. Our reaction differs. And it is not on us to blame anyone for it. We would do it better if we could. We just don’t know.

Home. 2011.

Home. 2011.

Even if we find an enlightened person today, in a few generations the language we are using today would be in many ways frustrating. Read the Bible, the Tora, read the Koran, how do you judge the words — they sound not appropriate to me in so many ways. All the fighting and hate, I leadership of women — what the fuck. It was the language that at that time was progressive and needed to soften our hearts. The source is the same, the sound has changed. The intension to build trust, to soften our hearts has always be the same. I assume nothing has changed much. Word have changed. Yea, words. The source the same, the goal the same. To unify in a specific way to make world peace — women and men, all nations. I guess there is more. Peace, right now, here on Earth, is good enough to focus on. Planet Health is of course more complex.

A planet of trust

I figures out that the sound of trust is a sound from which we can learn very quickly and access the source of our heart very easily. It’s a progressive wave of sound. We create space. It’s a place where our heart can relax and God’s helping hand can enter the place.

Too much logic, not enough trust. UK, 2011.

Too much logic, not enough trust. UK, 2011.

Trust comes from our heart.

Trust is a sound of our time. A sound of our Mother. It’s the logic of nature. Isn’t it also who God is?