The Forum. Concept and basic elements

The Hainrichs Forum for Peace and Sustainability is a place where I invite two to six people meet to exchange their opinions about common elements of peace in the world. The forum follows a standardized concept.  



  • We begin with five minutes of silence.

Silence is a door to our mind and our heart. The first minutes of silence tell us how we feel and allow to rest into the new atmosphere. Silence also allows us to meet each other without to many words and to leave behind expectations. It helps to bring trust to the surface of the table and our awareness.

Truth is in each one of us and silence helps us to speak our words in full awareness.  

Silence is an important element in listening. Trusting in silence is an even more important element in communicating. 


We listen to each one of us for five minutes.

  • We stay in silence for five minutes.

Peace is a wide concept and there are many ways to enter into the communication process: people speak about language, about the basic needs of a child or follow the historic roots of war and conflict. Participants reflect on consumption behavior and about the way we design concepts of international relations.  

How easy is it for us to imagine and speak about world peace? 

We open the space for an open discussion and dialogue on what was said, what was unclear or remained unanswered. 

At the end is time for suggestions and improvements. 

  • We end with a short moment of silence.




The forum is s place to get to know each other independently of political background, status, gender, nationality or religious affiliation.

We stayed in silence and we talked to focus on a subject together. At the same time, we also can build trust to exchange in the future and to help each other to reach our individual goals. For me networking it is about feeling friendship and connecting hearts.

I prepare a healthy vegetarian dish for all of us to exchange over: fresh bread, cheese, salad, kohlrabi, steamed vegetables and rice, millet or lentils. 

Itatakimas [Japanese way to thank for all the steps that prepared the food we enjoy]